Yellowbud Productions

Full service DJ serving Central & Southern Ohio

Yellowbud Productions with DJ Rick Metzger provides outstanding mobile DJ services for Central Ohio

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I am a retired teacher and the owner operator of Yellowbud Productions.  I have DJ'd many functions from school dances to weddings and family gatherings and I have extensive experience in creating video productions.   Serving as social chairman for my fraternity back in the late 70's, I often found myself serving as the DJ for our fraternity parties.  Disco was king at the time and I still have a fondness for all kinds of dance music.  Coming from a rural farm background, I also enjoyed 80's and 90's country music, sang in our church choir and, along with my music teacher daughter, love musicals, orchestral music and soundtracks.  

I believe that there is great music in all genres and I love to discover new music.  I regularly scan Billboard's top 100 and other music services to stay on top of what is current.  I use industry standard DJ software and mixing equipment.  The combination of EV, Yorkville and JBL speakers coupled with an outstanding light show will make your event a special occasion to remember.  I take pride in my light show and use a combination of lights with controls to enhance the music.  I believe that you have to read your audience to determine what will make the most effective entertainment for each moment of your special occasion.